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Mozambique, somewhere that is only going to get more popular, should now be in the middle of a blissful period of hot and rain-free months, while Europe will be starting to warm up nicely. Take your holidays in June and avoid the crowds and the eye-watering high season hotel prices.

In true Attenborough-style broad sweep, on the other side of the Atlantic salmon are returning from the ocean to spawn in the freshwater creeks of Alaska, and ravenous black and brown bears arrive to feed on them. Another mass migration of fish - the Sardine Run - sees huge schools of sardines migrate through the waters of the Indian Ocean near KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.

In Peru, June 24th - just after the winter solstice - sees the Festival of the Sun, a re-enactment of the most elaborate of the Inca celebrations. The festival was designed to appeal to the sun god to return and so ward off the threat of famine. That the days then got longer for the next half year shows their prayers were answered.

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Time to entertain thoughts of a ‘staycation’, before hearing about unseasonably late snow on the news and booking flights to Italy, Spain or Greece.

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