Most Common Questions

What is a DMC?

A DMC or Destination Management Company is a professional services company with extensive local knowledge & expertise helping you to design & implement excursions, activities, tours and transportation for your clients. They are normally ‘on the ground’ and located in the same country as where your clients are travelling to.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are predominately North American Travel Agents. We put together tailor-made trips and experiences across the UK & Ireland that they can then sell onto their clients.

Do you have a minimum spend?

We have no minimum spend and are happy to help with a simple airport transfer, theatre tickets, or a three week full touring itinerary covering the whole of the UK & Ireland!

What currencies can I pay in?

You can pay in GBP or USD (or for Ireland only booking – EUROS)

Can I pay NET or GROSS?

We are happy to receive either the NET amount from yourselves, or we can wire you your commission after your clients have travelled.

Can you white label documents?

All our documents can be white labelled with your agency logo to save you time.

Who do my clients contact whilst in stay?

You only have one point of contact during enquiry and booking. This same dedicated travel expert is then your clients emergency point of contact during their stay. We have found this to be really useful for travelling clients as we are on the same time zone as them!