Our inspiration for Easter & beyond. Read our top ten places to visit across the UK & Ireland this spring, with your family.

iced biscuits

Sweet Treats of London

Enjoy a foodie walking tour around Belgravia, with a cordon bleu trained pastry chef as your guide. Get to know the epicurean heart of one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in London. Wander through the streets and visit independent stores and delis, such as a British chocolate café, an authentic Sardinian gelateria, a visit to 'the Picasso of pastry' or a cute éclair shop where the chouquettes have been perfected by a 3-star Michelin chef. A truly indulgent tour for any families with a sweet tooth!

sheepdog & sheep

Sheepdog Training

We can arrange an immersive experience of sheepdog training on a rural farm in North Wales. The experience includes a ride on a Honda Pioneer (a quad mule seating 4) to a hilltop Celtic fortress. Over breath-taking panoramic views of the Carneddau mountain range enjoy listening to the charismatic farmer, learn all about his job and about the famous sheepdogs. You can also include an opportunity to see the rare Carneddau Mountain Ponies (only 200 of them left in the world), which is an unforgettable moment and a great photographic opportunity to boot! This experience is made all the more special in spring, when you are likely to see baby lambs frolicking in the fields.

children running on a treasure hunt

Treasure Hunts

Forget Easter egg hunts, a treasure hunt around London is the perfect way to introduce children to the city without hearing complaints of the dreaded boredom as you wander around yet another stuffy museum. These quests are bespoke and so can be tailored to the children's interest, ages and abilities. Our favourites include a race to find the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum, a 'Harry Potter style Tri-wizard tournament' in Hyde Park or an action-packed chase past London's key tourist sites to 'save' the Queen's birthday presents.

Dolphins in the Moray Firth

Wildlife Watching Boat Trip

Enjoy a trip on a luxury boat which sails around the inner Moray Firth on the lookout for the wide variety of wildlife it has to offer, such as otters, seals, porpoise, and birds of prey such as red kites and osprey in the local area. The Moray Firth is also home to group of approximately 130 bottlenose dolphins, said to be the most northern residents in their population in the world, and the region has recently been awarded as a Special Area of Conservation to protect these wonderful creatures.

Hever Castle, Kent

Visit to Hever Castle

The picturesque thirteenth century Hever Castle was once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second wife. It is set in magnificent gardens that feature the formal Italian Gardens, a 38 acre lake, and kids will love the adventure playground and the two mazes - a yew maze and a water maze. For the month of April, over 20,000 colorful tulips spring up on the grounds making it a really special time to visit for parents and children alike.

Camera Obscura, Edinburgh

Camera Obscura

Not cheesy in the slightest, this is a perfect experience for all ages in Edinburgh. There is 6 floors of fascinating illusions and visual trickery culminating with a fascinating Victorian camera, placing a bird's eye, moving image of Edinburgh onto the table in front of you. This UNESCO World Heritage Site experience is situated at the top of the Royal Mile, just a few doors down from Edinburgh Castle.

horseriding experience

Horse Riding at Lucknam Park

Lucknam Park hotel offers horse riding experiences for all ages. If you are an experienced rider head our through their beautiful grounds on a cross country hack, or if you are more of a novice enjoy a simple led ride down the drive and then get to experience 'owning a pony for a day' as you help groom the pony and learn about their upkeep and feeding. Combine this with a visit to their fabulous hideaway - a whole cottage filled with fun activities for kids of all ages and interests.

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle

Its purpose was to protect the English border from the Scots, but it is now home to the Duke of Northumberland, with lots of intereactive and imaginitive exhibitions for children. The castle has an unusual type of dungeon called an 'oubliette', whereby the trapdoor at the top was the only entrance - there was no need for an exit, as once a prisoner was in, they would never come out again. Alnwick Castle can also be recognised from all the Harry Potter films (the most popular scene is when Harry is learning to fly in his first quidditch lesson) and families can partake in broomstick training lessons on the Outer Bailey - a must do for any true fans.

Jaunting car

Jaunting Car Experience

Killarney National Park is nestled into an expanse of rugged mountainous country, where the mountains sweep down to the lake shores, their lower slopes covered in woodlands, lies the Park . The distinctive combination of mountains, lakes, woods and waterfalls under ever changing skies gives the area a special scenic beauty. Using a traditional mode of Irish transportation, enjoy a jaunting car (a two wheeled carriage pulled by a single horse) around Killarney from Ross Castle, to really appreciate the views in a different way.

Hadrians Wall

Hadrians Wall

In AD 122, building works began on Hadrian's Wall to a grand length of 73 miles and recent archaeological evidence shows the remains of Roman belongings. The Housesteads Fort is perhaps the best place to stop and explore the wall, along with learning about the Roman Empire. Nearby, the military fort at Birdoswald has recently opened a new hands-on exhibits for children, including an interactive quest and a signalling game in the gatehouse.