Spring might just be our favourite season here at Original Travel UK and if the prospect of wonderfully warm days spent strolling through daffodil-scattered parks and delicious seasonal menus don't make you love Britain in the spring, the start of 'The Season' should sway you. This is the period from the start of spring through to summer, where the British calendar is peppered with horse racing events, rowing contests, opera and flower festivals. Not to mention the stunning blossom-lined streets of the cities and rolling green countryside pastures…

Hat Making Workshop

Design A Bespoke Hat With A Famous Milliner

Nothing adds that extra pizazz to a formal outfit quite like an exquisite, hand-crafted and totally unique hat. Let us introduce you to one of the country's most prestigious milliners, who has created extraordinary pieces for countless prominent figures across the globe. Get a glimpse into the world of a true artisan, seeing first-hand your creation come to life as you gaze out across the pea-green fields from her English countryside studio. Whether it's for polo or horse racing, opera or art, you will come away with an impeccably bespoke piece of headwear, tailored to fit you perfectly.

Plymouth Lighthouse

A Private Tour Of The Box Museum, Plymouth

Spring 2020 will see the opening of the much anticipated 'The Box' Museum in Plymouth, the town from which the iconic Mayflower ship set sail on its fateful voyage to the Americas. As the flagship building for the 400th anniversary celebrations, a private tour here is not to be missed. Embark on a journey from pre-history to the present day as you explore the exquisitely curated galleries in this ground-breaking museum. Discover the forgotten stories of The Mayflower, a tale of survival and imagination that has provided such tangible links between great nations.

Wildflowers The Burren

See the Wildflowers Of the Burren, Ireland

When you first see the Burren, it can be hard to imagine such lunar-like landscapes in blossom. Yet, in the spring, delicate flowers can be found hidden in the stone folds of the rolling hills. Arctic alpine blooms, fragile Mediterranean orchids and star-like spring gentians all contribute to an unbelievable palette, which makes you feel like you have stepped into an Alice in Wonderland scene. Being led by a local botanical specialist gives a unique insight into the springtime magic of the diverse flora on offer, secrets and surprises that only a special few see…

Bag A Munro Scottish Highlands

Bag A Munro, Scotland

Embark on an expedition to complete the most classic of Scottish activities - bagging a Munro (which means climbing all peaks over 3,000 feet high). Those lighter nights and brighter mornings mean that spring is the perfect time to pull on your hiking boots. Birds are finding their wings again and nature is, literally, emerging from the frost-bitten ground of the Highlands. Whether you want to be accompanied by a qualified mountain leader or prefer an expert ornithologist, this is the time to make the most of those magnificent Scottish landscapes that never fail to take your breath away.

Spend a Day as a Shepherd, Devon

There is nothing that melts the heart like a cotton wool-covered lamb, except perhaps if you couple them with a characterful sheepdog! Venturing into the fields with a local shepherd, as the spring lambs prance around you, is one of our favourite things to do. Listen to stories of the culture and history of the land and get a better understanding of this ancient activity which has been so integral to rural British life since medieval times. Adults and children alike can't fail to be swept up by the charm of the characters involved in this most quintessential of experiences.