Did you know that in the UK you are never more than 70 miles from the sea? Britain may be small, but it certainly packs an impressive punch, and one such bonus is that nowhere is more than a stone's throw away. Especially when it comes to London, which is a great starting point for any UK visitor and provides great transport links across the country, allowing you to escape the city hustle and explore what else England has to offer. Read on to find out about our favourite day trips from London, where you could find yourself visiting vast vineyards, gorgeous gardens and beautiful beaches within two hours of the city…

surrey vineyard

Wine Wandering Around Vineyards

Did you know that the land just south of London could easily be mistaken for France's Champagne region? Just a short journey out of the city and you could find yourself sipping on a fine Chardonnay as part of a private vineyard tour. We have many estates that are home to award-winning grapes, and will provide you with a rich history and unique insight into the wine-making process. Whether you're passionate about your Pinot Grigio or a sucker for sparkling wine, there are myriad tastes to savour all within the beautiful rolling landscapes of the English countryside.

country table food

Go On a Gourmet Foray

London may be crammed with world-beating restaurants and inventive cuisine, but away from the city are some truly innovative chefs making magic in their kitchens; visit a Yorkshire pub for some delicious comfort food; discover the UK's youngest Michelin-starred chef who has opened a tiny and exclusive farm-to-table restaurant in the heart of rural Somerset; explore a kitchen garden ready to be foraged or a wood-fired oven waiting for a freshly kneaded loaf of bread… the tricky bit is choosing which to do first!

Cotswolds Garden Cottage

Go Garden Crazy in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is an area of England that many hold close to their heart, with its chocolate-box villages, gently rolling hills and secluded manor houses. If you are a garden-enthusiast you'd be crazy to miss a trip to this 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty', which is also a perfect base for the keen walkers and cyclists among us. Spring, summer, autumn or winter there is always a secret garden to be found with a little know-how, and our gardens expert can open doors (and gates) to some exclusive grounds, properties and manor houses in the region.

Blenheim Palace

Relish the Rich History

If there is one thing Britain has an abundance of, it's history. While every London street is shaped by its own fascinating past, there are captivating historical stories to be told and sites to be discovered up and down the country, whether you fancy packing up a picnic and heading to Blenheim Palace, jumping on a golden age steam train to visit majestic Bath or strolling through the cobbled courtyards of ancient university colleges. All within a couple of hours of London city!

Sandy Beach UK

Be Beside the Seaside

As we previously mentioned it's pretty amazing that you are almost always within a stone's throw of a beach in England, where you will find yourself with sand between your toes and expansive dunes sweeping out before you. You could be breakfasting overlooking the city one moment and feasting on fish and chips to the soundtrack of seagulls the next - oh we do like to be beside the seaside! You can even visit the beach where the Queen exercises her horses, if it's good enough for Elizabeth...