Here at Original Travel UK we really believe Ireland is a destination all about the locals. Their hospitality and humour, not to mention their 'gift of the gab' is second to none and is a key reason why we see visitors returning again and again to this small island.

We have many fascinating & authentic experiences where you get to meet true Irish(wo)men and learn about their history or craft for memorable trips regardless of your ages or interests, from private Irish dancing lessons to whiskey tasting in a castle.

ireland sea foraging

Seashore Foraging

Join an experienced fisherman on a seashore foraging experience in Connemara. A highly valued member of the Coast Guard, he not only leads rescue operations on life-boats, but also trains and examines Rescue Service members for advanced powerboat handling. Whilst foraging, hear about tales and local stories of the area before heading out to sea on his private RIB to see some fantastic coastal views.

Whisky by the fire

Folklore & Fantasy

Combining her love of Irish folklore and passion for Irish music, our seanchaí (storyteller) adds an atmospheric moment to any Dublin itinerary. Meet in a traditional pub, sit back and relax with a whiskey as the seanchaí begins storytelling, interweaving tales of the Other World and the mysterious Fairy Folk with traditional Irish songs and wonderful insights into the Irish life of days gone by.

Skellig Micheal

Star Wars

Visit one of the most popular destinations in Ireland this year, Skellig Michael, with one of our expert local guides. This small island off the coast of Kerry was invaded by Vikings in 823 and Stormtroopers last year, after featuring in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It is home to puffins, grey seals and one of the biggest breeding populations of storm petrel and manx shearwater in the world. Walk the 640 steps up to the Gaelic monastery which dates back to the 6th-8th century and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Old photographs


With over 40 million Americans listing their heritage as primarily or partially Irish, the Emerald Isle never ceases to fascinate and draw countless visitors 'back home.' We know some of the best genealogists in the country who can dig into your client's family history; we can then prepare a completely tailor made tour to ancestral hometowns, regaling facts about what types of lives their relatives would have lived or even what ships they docked on the route over to the New World.