London Goes Latino!

If any continent could claim to be hot right now - and we're not talking temperature here - it's Latin America. Peruvian cuisine and Mexican street food have taken London by storm, while two of the capital's most venerable cultural institutions also have Latino destinations as their flagship exhibitions. Only slightly less artistic is the fancy footwork of the South American maestros Lionel Messi and Naymar lighting up the footballing world and Brazil, of course, hosts the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Our expert Latino team are waiting to book your trip of a lifetime to Latin America, but while you wait here's where to get a taste of South America at its finest.

Fiery Food

First, a subject close to our hearts (and tummies) - food. Think Peru/food and marmalade sandwiches consumed by small bears might once have sprung to mind, but now the craze for ceviche is in full swing. Peru's finest export since Paddington bear consists of marinated raw fish served with citrus and chilli dressing and is way better than it sounds, preferably washed down with one or three pisco sour cocktails. Best of the Peruvian restaurants in London are Ceviche and Lima. Then there's Mexican streetfood, categorically not to be confused with the greasy/cheesy morass that is Tex-Mex, and which finds its finest expression in the city of Oaxaca. Our favourite chef Tommi Miers has done the nation a huge service by transplanting the full frontal flavours of chilli and salsa from middle Mexico to a fun and funky setting in her Wahaca (knowing no-one would be able to spell 'Oaxaca') restaurants. And then there's tequila. Most under-rated spirit? Discuss.


Amazing Art

From one magnificent Mexican creation to another, the country's artists used the turmoil post-1910 revolution to inspire the finest era in Mexico's artistic history, and there are magnificent works on show by such greats as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Last chance! And while one exhibition is drawing to a close, the British Museum's big winter warmer is an exploration of pre-conquistador Colombia and how the legend of fabulous golden city El Dorado was created. On display will be a selection of spectacular gold pieces created by the Muisca people for whom gold was so abundant that their new leaders dived into a lake coated in powdered gold. As you do. Plenty of local Latino lovelies to appreciate, we're sure you'll agree, but nothing compares to seeing (and eating) it all in situ. We know the continent from A(rgentina) to B(elize) and are here to help put the perfect trip together.

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