The UK's horrible histories are not just for Halloween; with spine-chilling sites, creepy castles and eerie experiences across the country, we are sure to get you into the 'spirit' of things with the spookiest tours that can be enjoyed year round.

An image of a candle and copy of Macbeth


Nestled in the Scottish Highlands, Cawdor Castle is a fairy-tale castle with many ghostly connections dating back to 1380. Legend has it that it was built around a hawthorn tree with mystical powers, which still exists today in the dark dungeons below the house. It is famous for its fictionalised literary connection with Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth, but the real paranormal activity is said to be the handless ghost of the daughter of the Earl of Cawdor, who wanders through the corridors looking for her illicit loved one. We can arrange private evening tours of the castle where you will be greeted by the Lady of the house and can enjoy refreshments in the Tower Library - if you dare…

A picture of the Tower of London at night


The mighty Tower of London has been the scene of England's most dramatic, fascinating and surprising history. The former prison has held famous inmates ranging from Anne Boleyn to Guy Fawkes to London's notorious gangsters - the Kray Twins. The Tower is said to have a host of ghostly activities including an appearance from a spectral bear! A private evening tour of the Tower of London or the age-old tradition of the Ceremony of the Keys is the perfect way to learn about the mysterious and sinister history of this important city landmark.

An image of a cobbled London street in the dark


As the nights draw in and darkness creeps into the afternoons why not head out into London with one of our superbly knowledgeable guides on a spine-chilling walking tour. For over 100 years following the Jack the Ripper murders, writers and armchair detectives have struggled to finally put a name to the Whitechapel murderer. A failed barrister, a polish Jew, a mad doctor, a royal prince and even a female 'Jill' have all been ongoing suspects in a never-ending game of hunt the ripper. Visit some of the crimes scenes of these brutal events, with our specialist guide, who will fill you in on all the facts & folklore of this mysterious Victorian Murderer. For those looking for an extra thrill - stop in on the apparently haunted Ten Bells Pub for a drink after your tour...

An image of Canterbury Cathedral in the mist


A visit to Canterbury is a must do for any ghost-hunters out there. The Cathedral is said to be the most haunted in the South of England and is known for the infamous murder of Thomas Becket in 1170. Within the Cathedral is the 'Dark Entry' which is allegedly haunted by the ghost of Nell Cook, who was buried alive in the passage after poisoning her employer. Visitors have also seen ghostly figures of the Archbishop of Sudbury and a shadowy monk who wanders through the cloisters. The town itself also has supernatural undertones and you can enjoy a walking tour of the most fascinating spots with a historian as your guide.

A picture of an open jail door


Belfast's famous prison has a dark history spanning 150 years. Enjoy a private evening tour under the cover of darkness to include a visit to the condemned man's cell, the execution chamber and flogging room. This Northern Ireland Gaol has housed murderers, suffragettes, loyalists and republican prisoners. It has witnessed births, deaths and marriages and has been the home to executions, escapes, hunger-strikes and riots. Follow in the footsteps of prisoners and journey through the courthouse tunnel and see what life was like in a prison throughout the ages - not for the faint-hearted!