I believe that you don't have to venture half way around the world to experience something different. To prove it, here are my favourite cool, quirky boutique hotels in the UK...

Torridon Hotel

The Torridon Hotel

The turrets of the Torridon Hotel rise gracefully over the trees of the Scottish Highlands and almost give it the sense of being fairy-tale like. The lavishly decorated interiors coupled with the idyllic location make it one of the most romantic hotels in Britain.

The G Hotel

The ultra-modern G Hotel brings a splash of vibrant colour to the Galway coastline. The interior is designed by the renowned millionaire Philip Treacy and is the place to head if you want to avoid the stereotypical Irish country manor hotels.

Coworth Park

Coworth Park is not only a luxurious hotel; it is a Polo player's paradise. Locals and guests alike can learn to play Polo in the hotel's extensive grounds no matter what your equestrian ability or ambition. It definitely is something different to do on holiday.

Cotswold 88

Cotswold 88 may look like a classic country hotel from the outside, but step inside and be transported into a crazy world of contemporary kitsch design. Colour and patterns cover the walls, floors and furniture but it has to be said, the main attraction is the food in the hotel's restaurant.

Hazlitt’s Hotel

Hazlitt's Hotel is not your standard, faceless London hotel. The unassuming doorway on Frith Street leads into a refreshingly authentic hotel where the floors aren't level and the Georgian panelling simply adds to the quirkiness of the place. Character is definitely a plenty here.

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