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Explore the beautiful tea plantations of Sri Lanka - they are magical, and in my case made all the more special because that's where my husband popped the question!

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Travel Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  • Spend the night on a house boat in Kerala -having lived on a house boat in London for two years, I'm longing to see the contrast and experience a slightly warmer and more luxurious version!
  • Go trekking in Nepal and dipping my toes into the Himalayan way of life-I'm definitely not a mountaineer but love walking and feel this would be the perfect way to experience the majesty of the mountains without having to don crampons
  • Take my little boy on safari -he may be a bit young at the moment (1yr…) but he's already showing a keen interest in animals I think experiencing something as special as a safari together as a family will be incredible
  • Go to Lapland and do the whole shebang -dog sledding, ice hotel and Tree house hotel
  • Patagonia -I feel like it's going to be an icy version of Namibia in terms of dramatic scenery and lack of people -bliss.

Best Moments

  • Seeing a wilderbeast river crossing in the Masai Mara during the migration
  • Flying over the skeleton coast and landing on a completely deserted beach for lunch surrounded by seals, shipwrecks and not a soul for miles
  • My first snorkel in the Maldives - it's a real life aquarium-amazing
  • Seeing humpback whales jumping out of the ocean whilst on a tiny hobie cat in Mozambique

Toughest Travel Moment

  • This might sound odd, but going to the Amalfi coast alone…its breathtakingly beautiful and it's a tragedy not to share that with someone!

Weirdest Travel Moment

  • Being allowed to fly the plane for take off by a rather trusting pilot in Namibia

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Variety is the Spice of Life

Sri Lanka has long been a favourite destination of ours here at Original Travel. It's a country that really does have it all; culture, stunning scenery, wildlife, beaches, boutique hotels, sumptuous food and perfect weather. I've just returned from my fifth trip (it's a hard life) and each…

aerial view of desert island maldives

The Best Luxury Hotels in the Maldives

The spectacular combination of clear waters, pure white sands, and a plethora of swanky luxury hotels has made the Maldives one of the most desirable destinations for those wanting to pamper themselves on holiday. Being home to some of the world's most impressive luxury hotels means the task…

Maldives beach

Maldives Luxury Resorts: Escapism for Sarah Lund

Poor old Sarah Lund; she needs a break after all that sleuthsome crime solving. Copenhagen in winter looks even more depressing than London, so I think one of our Maldives luxury resorts would provide the ultimate setting for Sarah to really get away from it all.

Peloponnese Bay

New Flights To Kalamata in the Peloponnese

Having recently fallen rather hard for the Peloponnese in Greece, it was with immense delight that I heard about new flights to Kalamata from London..

Beaches in the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese, if you please

Unable to pinpoint exactly where the Peloponnese might be found, I wasn't too sure what to expect from my visit. Having found it on the map, many place names were familiar; Corinth, Sparta, Olympus, the home of the original Olympics, altogether a very 'ancient' place.

Maldives Niyama

The Niyama Hotel in the Maldives

The spectacular combination of clear waters, pure white sands, and plethora of swanky accommodations have made the Maldives one of the most desirable destinations for those wanting a pampering holiday or a luxury honeymoon. Find out what's new on the island nation...

Water Buffalo Racing

80 Senses: #79 - Water Buffalo Racing in Bali

Water Buffalo Racing in Bali

80 Senses: #75 - Bess: The Ariara Island Dog

Take the dog for a walk. Just like home - sort of... Welcome to the Philippines, 7,100 islands, white sand beaches and unbeatable diving. Yup, this archipelago nation is going to be big news in the coming few years. The wonderful Amanpulo has been the standout place to stay for the past few…

80 Senses #65... Silolona Liveaboard Dive Boat

The remote island of Komodo in Indonesia is that rarity, a National Park and a National Marine Park. Famous for the unspoilt nature of the reefs and marine life below the surface of the crystal clear waters, the island of Komodo itself is home to the eponymous dragon and dramatic landscapes.

80 Senses: #59 - The Cambodian Coast

Watch this (rather lovely) space.

80 Senses: #49 - The Best Greek Islands

Not for sale. The most beautiful islands in the world... They may be having a horrid time of it of late but one tiny crumb of consolation for the beleaguered Greeks is that they possess possibly the world's most beautiful collection of best Greek islands. You can imagine what the reaction…

Vietnam Beach

80 Senses: #30 - Vietnamese Pho

The best pho, by far... There may be a few outrageously expensive hotels and helicopter trips in and amongst our favourite 80 things from around the world, but at the same time there are plenty of free, or nearly free - entries. Bar the plane ticket to get there, of course. Next up is a…

80 Senses: #25 - Pak Ou Caves, Laos

Mystical caves full of carved buddhas...

80 Senses: #17 - Ginger Tea at Soneva Fushi

To a tea... We think Soneva Fushi is one the most friendly, charming and laid back places in the Maldives - a place that does friendly, charming and laid back pretty much to perfection. You pay for the privilege, naturally, but this has to be one of the great places to decompress from the…

80 Senses: #11 - Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

A plateau palace carved into the rock... Rulers have long built imposing palaces to intimidate their subjects and terrify their enemies (two not always mutually exclusive parties), but few can have achieved the desired effect to the extent of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka.

80 Senses: #2 - Wolwedans Dune Lodge, Private Camp, Namibia

The NamibRand desert might be the dictionary definition of remote. Only Mongolia is less populated than Namibia, and this being a desert there aren't exactly hordes of people loitering around. Deep in this desolate but utterly stunning landscape lies Wolwedans Dune Lodge, a superslick place,…

Magnificent Namibia

Namibia is one of my favourite places on earth, and having just returned from my fourth visit there, I feel no less blown away by the sheer beauty and magnificence of the country than I did on my first and very special trip there. It's a true once in a lifetime holiday destination - and…

Flying Safari Along The Skeleton Coast

A flying safari over the vast expanse of Namibia's Skeleton Coast has to be one of the best things I have ever done. For those seeking the ultimate in tailor made holidays, I urge you to consider this incredible experience...

The Ultimate Africa Honeymoon

Find out all about my incredible honeymoon in Africa... Having to organise your own Africa honeymoon rather than wait for your romantic husband's surprise selection. The upside? Being able to speak personally to a bunch of the worlds best travel consultants (who happen to be sitting next to…

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