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I have extensive travel experience throughout UK and Ireland.

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Travel Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  • Sail around the San Blas Islands
  • See the 'Big 5' in their natural habitat
  • Overnight at a Scottish Castle with all my friends & family

Best Moments

  • Snorkelling with Whale Sharks in Mexico - they were so close that I thought I would be eaten!
  • Partying in Olinda for Carnival, the colours and music were simply incredible
  • Sleeping in a treehouse in the jungle

Toughest Travel Moment

  • Cooking traditional Christmas lunch to a group of 30 tourists in the Andes of Ecuador - no pressure at all…

Weirdest Travel Moment

  • Finding chicken feet in my soup!

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Christmas Hat

Christmas Getaways: Time To Start Planning

Talk of Christmas already?!? Before you think we've gone all Argos on you, the majority of great festive season holiday spots do get booked up well in advance and as travel guardian angels we naturally only want the best for you. So, if the thought of doing one of Nigella's coke soaked hams…

sicily bay view

Stylish Luxury Family Holidays in Sicily

Having been lucky enough to travel throughout Europe with my job, I do sometimes worry that the "wow" factor will be lost on me. Truth be told, sometimes it does all blur into a haze of delectable food and crazily comfortable pillows. Sicily however, was rather different. It isn't the…

aerial view of desert island maldives

The Best Luxury Hotels in the Maldives

The spectacular combination of clear waters, pure white sands, and a plethora of swanky luxury hotels has made the Maldives one of the most desirable destinations for those wanting to pamper themselves on holiday. Being home to some of the world's most impressive luxury hotels means the task…

image of the sun

Late Summer Sun

If you've not managed to get away this summer and you're tiring of sun-kissed colleagues and friends, September and October are perfect months to soak up some late summer sun. Whether you want to jet off to somewhere in Europe for a long weekend or fly and flop further afield, we can arrange…

View of vineyard in Tuscany

Tuscany: A Romantic Paradise To Render Every Jane Austen Novel Obsolete

Claudia has just returned from beautiful Tuscany where she's been revelling in the glory of rolling hills, romantic settings and stunning hotels. Not jealous at all. Not even a little...

view of the beach and rocks

Best Places to Propose: Ladies, it's your turn

Men, beware. Have you been leaving that lovely lady hanging? With a flutter of an eyelash the tables could be turned...

My First Holiday in Morocco...

From colourful souqs to beautiful riads, Africa Expert Fiona's recollections of her first ever bespoke holiday in Morocco paint a vivid picture of a unique country...

view of ocean and beach in caribbean

Our Top 5 Winter Sun Holiday Destinations

As the weather gets colder, it's only natural to think about jetting off to somewhere warmer. Here are some of Original Travel's picks for well-earned and completely unique 'winter sun' holiday...

Christmas Special Offers for Europe

In order to visit this year's festive European Christmas Markets you will need somewhere to stay! Here we have some exclusive Christmas special offers for some of the best hotels in Europe. BE WARNED - Limited spaces are available, so book now to avoid disappointment!...

mexican pyramids

Scrambled Egg Recipe from Mexico

If you fancy a breakfast with a twist, try this scrambled egg recipe for huevos a la Mexican picked up by Jules during her travels in Mexico!

Husky Train in Finland

Christmas Breaks: Embrace or Escape Santa

Whether you're a lover or a hater (of the festive season, that is) there are many wonderful places to spend the holiday. If you want to embrace or escape Father Christmas and all that he brings, allow us to suggest a few luxury getaways; from quiet couples escapes to large family…


Things to do in Stockholm in Winter

Most popular during the summer (and quite rightly so), city breaks to the Swedish capital of Stockholm are the perfect mix of culture, restaurants, nightlife, and the beautiful surrounding nature. But the city is just as charming in winter.

Cyprus view

Special Offer at The Almyra Hotel

A true gem in the Mediterranean, Cyprus makes the most of its beautiful landscapes and effortless charm through some of Europe's best, and very family friendly, hotels. A true gem in the Mediterranean, Cyprus makes the most of its beautiful landscapes and effortless charm through some of…

Discovering Istria

Been considering jetting off on a luxury holiday to Croatia? Well, half of me wants to keep this secret to myself - while the other half is so chuffed to have made the discovery that it wants to show off.

80 Senses: #76 - Union with Réunion

A fun Réunion. We're just back from a research trip to Réunion, and it's fab. A former French colony, this tiny Indian Ocean island is a half hour hop from the 'fly and flop' classic that is Mauritius. While her neighbour is all about immaculate beachfront hotels, Réunion is more about the…

80 Senses: #58 - The view of the Porto Old Town

Pool with a view. The Brits have long had a penchant for port, but the vineyards where the fortified wine is created and the eponymous city of Porto are, in themselves, a delight.

Flamenco dancer

The Original Travel Seville Guide

Original Travel spent one action-packed weekend in Seville. Want to know what we got up to on our luxury city break? Spoiler: expect tales of tapas and flamenco dancing...

80 Senses: #57 - Drift-snorkelling in Rangiroa

Going with the flow... Rangiroa in French Polynesia is famed for wonderful diving, but snorkellers too can get in on the act at one of the greatest of all marine sites - Tiputa Pass.

80 Senses: #55 - Carthage Tunisia

The forgotten city... Quick history brush up - according to legend the city of Carthage Tunisia was founded by Dido (not the bland/blonde balladeer) who, fleeing into exile, arrived on the North African coast in around 800 BC. She pleaded with the locals to be allowed as much land as could…

80 Senses: #42 - Four Seasons Sharm el Sheikh

Why dive when the snorkelling is so good?

Nevada Desert

The Burning Man Festival - The Mad and the Extraordinary

The extraordinary Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert has been listed as an ultimate bucket list experience. Original Travel staffer Rachel relays her thoughts on the zany event...

80 Senses: #29 - The Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

3 million works of art and counting... Keeping up with the Joneses never resulted in as pleasurable experience as St Petersburg. Built in defiance of nature and logic, the city is a monument to the will of Peter the Great, who wanted Russia to have a 'window on the West' and - more…

80 Senses: #27 - Family Friendly Hotels in Cyprus

The best ideas are the simple ones.

80 Senses: #22 - Beirut Nightlife

The Lebanese know how to party. Understandable, really, as a reaction to their traumatic recent history, and Beirut nightlife can be a wonderful antidote to the doom and gloom back here in Blighty because the locals still party like it's 2008.

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