Luxury Family Oman
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10 Days

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Luxury Family Oman

Isabel, Matt and Charlotte C are here to help give you the inside track.

Oman will ignite your children's adventurous spirit during this brilliant combination of off-road drives along wadi gullies and rough mountain tracks where you'll explore the Omani countryside and camp out in the open in true Bedouin-style before you board a catamaran and sail around the Daymaniyat Islands and Bandar Khayran Reserves.

Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Muscat sunshine and watersports action
  • Off road drives and mountain camping
  • Mountain exploration and wadi bashing
  • From souqs to desert camps
  • 4x4 experience and oasis visit
  • Catamaran cruising around the Gulf of Oman

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All of the holidays we create are completely tailor-made to you

This sample itinerary is intended to give you a flavour of what we can do

Day 1: Hotel Check-in & Welcome Dinner

Step off your plane at Muscat Airport and into the welcoming warmth of Oman. Once you're through the normal passport controls and have reclaimed your baggage, your driver will be waiting to greet you in the arrivals hall.

Depending on which of the excellent luxury beach hotels in the Omani capital you've chosen to stay in, the journey could take anything between thirty minutes and one hour.

At the hotel, your room will be available immediately as we can arrange early check-in if necessary. The rest of the day is yours to spend at leisure with the children by the hotel pool or on the beach. In the evening, you'll be able to enjoy a pre-reserved, celebratory dinner to mark the beginning of a very special vacation.

Additional Activities

  • Indulge in a post-flight spa session

Day 2: Muscat Beaches & Sea Sports

Muscat has some of the best beaches in Oman. The extensive stretches of sand and the clear blue waters mean you can spend the day lazing along the shoreline. You may simply want to absorb some Muscat sunshine, but the children will almost certainly want to indulge in whichever watersports are available.

The youngsters can test their nautical skills as they skim across the sea in a kayak or test their balance on a paddleboard. For a speedier thrill for older children, you and they can try water skiing or wakeboarding, or if you want to captain the vessel, spend some time out on the water sailing a manoeuvrable Hobie Cat catamaran.

Additional Activities

  • Visit The National Museum for an insight into the culture and history of Oman.
  • Take in the lively atmosphere of an Arabian market at the Mutrah Souq.
  • Photograph the immense Al Jalali Fort in Old Muscat Harbour.
  • Shop for souvenirs at The Omani Heritage Gallery, a not-for-profit organisation of cottage industries.

Day 3: Off Road Mountain Routes & Night Camp

Enjoy a good breakfast at your hotel before leaving Muscat on a one-and-a-half-hour journey, first along the Al Batinah coast, then inland to the sensitively restored Nakhal Fort. The children will love running around what looks like a giant sandcastle overlooking a palm tree-filled valley before continuing to the hot springs of Ain a'Thawwarah for a relaxing dip of your toes in the therapeutic waters.

From there, you'll begin the epic off-road journey into the Hajar Mountains, climbing to an altitude of around 6,500ft as you pass through the ancient villages and craggy scenery of Jebel Akdhar until you reach Rustaq. Then it's literally all downhill from there through famous Wadi Bani Auf as far as the village of Bilad Sayt, where you'll take a break for a well-deserved lunch.

Then it's back on track in the direction of your hotel, where all you'll have to do is enjoy a cocktail (or mocktail, obviously!) while taking in the views as the sun sets behind the mountains.

Additional Activities

  • Stretch your legs after lunch on the hiking trails around Bilad Sayt.

Day 4: Wadi Drives & Mountain Peaks

After breakfast at your hotel, it's mountain exploration day where you'll discover interesting facts about the rural Oman lifestyle. Visiting both Al Hamra, a mud-brick town which is a living museum, and the isolated village of Misfat al Abriyyin, nestled in its own oasis of palms, to see how its traditional irrigation system or falaj works.

You'll drive through the immense Wadi Ghul (known as Arabia's Grand Canyon), a huge gorge carved between the towering mountainsides, then stop off to investigate the ruins of an abandoned village. Next it's up to Jebel Shams, the highest peak in the Hajar range to see how the Oman farmers survive there by producing carpets from sheep's wool.

It's back on the road to drive along the Wadi an Nakhur, the deepest gorge in the Middle East, following the narrow and winding boulder-strewn track before heading back to the hotel for the evening.

Additional Activities

  • Hike the Balcony Walk
  • Do some bird spotting for Egyptian vultures

Day 5: Souqs & Sand Camps

Eat breakfast as you watch the sunrise before hitting the road to Nizwa for a visit to a popular local market. Enjoy some free time to absorb the souq atmosphere, practice your family haggling skills and investigate the old fort before heading for the UNESCO sight of Bahla, which is well known for its hand-crafted pottery.

Stop off for lunch under the shady palms of the Birkat al Mauz date plantation before continuing on to the desert zone known as the Wahiba Sands. En route you'll pass through the merchant town of Ibra and the well-preserved village of Mudayrib. You'll arrive at the desert camp site along tracks made by the nomadic Bedouin as the sun sinks on the horizon.

This evening the family will experience a delicious desert dinner and then some serious stargazing in night skies unaffected by light pollution.

Additional Activities

  • Take an investigatory walk through the palms of the Birkat al Mauz date plantation to see the falaj drainage system.

Day 6: Desert Farms & Wadi Pool Swim

After a delectable breakfast in the desert, you'll enjoy the drive to the oasis Wadi Bani Khalid. At the village Badaa, you'll discover how produce such as bananas, mangos and papaya are still farmed using traditional methods. Enjoy some free time to wander around the village and meet with the local community.

Don't miss exploring the wadi's amazing rock formations which are full of natural pools and springs. Relax, go for a swim and then laze under the shade of a date palm tree for a picnic lunch.

On the drive back to camp, your guide might let you take your turn at the wheel and experience some off-road driving in desert conditions accompanied by a lesson in how do get out of the sand if you get stuck. Enjoy a relaxing early evening then dinner under the stars by the side of the camp fire.

Additional Activities

  • Try sand boarding across the dunes for some exciting and energetic afternoon entertainment.

Day 7: From Deserts to Deserted islands

A desert sunrise starts the day followed by breakfast in the majlis - the camp communal sitting area - before you set out for the fishing town of Sur. Here you'll have time to see the shipyards where traditional Omani dhows (wide hulled merchant ships) are manufactured, before continuing your journey along the coastal route of the Hajar Mountains.

You'll arrive back in Muscat in the afternoon where you'll board your private charter catamaran to set sail along the Muscat coastline. Take in the sights of the port, forts and the Sultan's Palace as you navigate away from Muscat toward Oman's unique National Marine Nature Reserve in the Daymaniyat Islands. You'll anchor up in a quiet bay in this uninhabited archipelago. Time to relax or a leisurely swim before dinner is served on-board or on a nearby beach, if you prefer.

Additional Activities

  • Visit a Bedouin family for a cup of kahwa - a traditional Omani coffee accompanied with dates.
  • Climb the sand dunes to get a special view of the sunrise.
  • Take a shore excursion and explore one of the uninhabited Daymaniyat Islands.

Day 8: Catamaran Cruising & Island Sojourn

While breakfasting on the deck of the catamaran, watch the sky light up with colourful hues as day breaks over the Gulf of Oman. After upping anchor, you'll cruise over the calm waters to another of the Daymaniyat Islands where you'll moor up for the rest of the day.

After a fish lunch on-board, with fish sourced from passing fishermen, you can disembark and head over to the island's shore to spend the afternoon on the beach, snorkelling or exploring the island. After a peaceful sojourn on the island, it'll be time to collect your belongings together and return to the boat. After dinner, you'll be able to enjoy a chilled evening with drinks on deck.

Additional Activities

  • Take an early morning swim.
  • Snorkel over colourful coral reefs
  • Do some sea bird spotting.

Day 9: Daymaniyat Islands to Bandar Khayran Reserve

Spend the morning on-board the catamaran at your leisure or take part in some of the optional activities available.

Once lunch is finished, you'll sail away from the Daymaniyat Islands en route to the area known as the Bandar Khayran Reserve, a popular diving/snorkelling location due to the immense diversity of marine life there. Then, you'll navigate around the stunning maze of channels which separate the multitude of tiny islands before anchoring up in a quiet bay for the evening.

Additional Activities

  • Snorkel from the catamaran.
  • Fish off the deck.
  • Do some turtle spotting.
  • Go night snorkelling.
  • Dive - For qualified divers.

Day 10: Muscat Marina & Airport

The final day of your amazing vacation in Oman begins with an early breakfast on-board the catamaran.

You'll then sail back into the marina at Muscat where a driver will be waiting to collect you and take you, on the short ten-minute drive, to the airport for your flight home.

All of the holidays we create are completely tailor-made to you

This sample itinerary is intended to give you a flavour of what we can do

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Isabel, Matt and Charlotte C are our experts for this itinerary and as seasoned travellers they have the inside track on the most memorable adventures.

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