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Whether you are after a fun and interactive overview of your ancestral homeland or an in-depth bespoke look into past relatives, we can arrange an itinerary that is as personal as it comes. Original Travel UK is partnered with the best genealogists in the UK, who can, on request, undertake detailed research into a family’s ancestors, scouring archives and delving into documents to dig out the hidden secrets. Each case, each family and each person is different, and we can’t always promise that the journey is as romantic as your imagination, but if there is information to discover then you can be sure that our genealogists will be the ones to unearth it! With the research complete, Original Travel UK will then create an entirely unique and bespoke itinerary just for you. It’s one thing to go on an amazing holiday, it’s another to make that holiday part of your past, present and future. On our ancestral trips you will have the chance to journey back into your family history and explore the lives of those that have made you who you are today.

Heritage Travel, Case Study: The Russell Family

The Russell family had been interested in tracing their ancestral roots for many years, knowing that their family history had its origins in Scotland.

An examination of the 1841 Scottish census (accessed by one of our genies) revealed that there were three families living in Elgin at this time and those who had moved into the town itself were the likely ones to have migrated to the US, escaping the overcrowded nature of Elgin at the time. Subsequently, it was discovered that there are numerous tombstones in Elgin Cathedral Churchyard dedicated to members of the Russell family who had lived both in Elgin and in Alves.

From the research done, it became clear that all of the indications showed that the earlier family roots of the Russell family were in Alves, where they can be traced back to the 16th century. In fact, the churchyard of Alves contains a Burial Aisle formerly owned by the Russell family. Once the Russell's genealogist had completed his research we received the information and put together a suggested itinerary to be part of a greater, bespoke, Scottish trip for the family.

To start with the family visited the High Street of Elgin where the Russell families are known to have lived and worked. They then went to Elgin Cathedral, where there are numerous gravestones relating to the family. We also took them to the Elgin Library where the Local Studies Centre provided an opportunity for the Russell's to be find out more about their ancestors themselves, a lovely, interactive and emotional experience.

The Russell's bespoke itinerary then took them to delve into the history of their earlier family. Visiting the original 'old' road and the secluded Abbey of Pluscarden, where some of the earlier Russell family were employed as gardeners in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Driving through the countryside in the area of Alves was a really important aspect of the trip for the Russell family as many of the surrounding farms would have been occupied by their ancestors before they embarked on their Atlantic voyage to America.

Interspersed with the Russell's ancestral journey, we made sure to include local points of interests and experiences that made for a magical itinerary. An entirely tailor-made trip that took into consideration each and every aspect of this family's life and journey. From past to present, a truly unique and memorable experience.

Heritage Travel, Case Study: The Tait Family

Before we put together a bespoke itinerary for the Tait family, our genealogist carried out detailed and substantial research, ensuring that when the Taits came to Scotland for their visit they would be able to see documents relating to their ancestry in real life. When they arrived in Edinburgh, the family got the chance to meet with their own personal researcher to go through the documents detailing their family history. This was the perfect way for them to start their trip!

Their trip then took them to visit some of the areas detailed in the documentation, visiting family graveyards and walking in the footsteps of their ancestors. The Taits went on to embark on a wider trip of some of Scotland's most beautiful and historical places, however, the highlight was when they were taken on a tour of the estate where Mr Tait's family had lived. The opportunity to talk to the current landowner and feel as if they were really touching their past was a magical experience for them.

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