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Nothing beats sleeping under the stars on safari, listening to the nocturnal sounds of the savannah.

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I have extensive travel experience throughout Africa and Middle East.

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Travel Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  • Experience the landscape and desert in Namibia… although I would worry that I wouldn't be able to get my hands on the number of camera memory cards required to satisfy my obsession with photography
  • Explore Asia… I've never been
  • Relax in unadultered bliss in the Maldives
  • Trek with Gorillas to complete my primate treks
  • Do a road trip around California
  • See Tigers in the wild
  • Explore Burma and understand (and learn from) their culture and general calm philosophy
  • I've toyed with the idea of attempting to conquer Everest but seem to get cold feet (metaphorically only, so far). There are so many other things that I still want to do and I think these should come first…!

Best Moments

  • Just sitting watching a Lion calling his ladies in the Lower Zambezi - he was only 5 metres from the vehicle and so loud the bars on the vehicle reverberated with every gutteral roar
  • Enjoying a candlelit braii on a sandbank in the middle of the Zambezi on a full moon
  • Coming across an Elephant whilst on foot in the Selous - sneaking behind a bush to let him pass... he had no idea we were there
  • Trekking the Chimpanzees in Mahale, western Tanzania - the alpha male belted past me so close that I felt his hair on my leg
  • Sleeping out under the stars in the Selous, with only some mosquito netting between me and the stars... utterly magical
Motorcycles in Africa

Toughest Travel Moment

  • Not exactly physically demanding but escaping scrape-free from a boda-boda journey in the middle of the most wreckless driving amongst traffic jams in Kampala
Elephant trunk

Weirdest Travel Moment

  • Having an outdoor shower whilst working out in a remote bush camp in Zambia, when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an Elephant's trunk appear over the reed fence in search of the water destined for my head!

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The Enormity and Diversity of Ice in Antarctica

The White Continent was always going to be home to some impressive ice bergs - but what lay ahead was quite simply stunning and out of this world. Along our journey we experienced myriad types, shapes and sizes of ice resembling everything from dragons to mushrooms. According to the…

Our Top Five Luxury Safari Lodges in Tanzania

I first visited Tanzania 13 years ago and it's fair to say the country has upped its luxury safari lodge game in the intervening years. While the term 'luxury' can be defined in myriad ways, whether you have a penchant for opulent gold taps and marble bathrooms or go batty for small,…

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The Seychelles: the Ultimate Destination for a Luxury Beach Holiday

Having recently visited the Seychelles on a research trip, I can definitely agree with all those beach addicts out there who say the sandy stretches in the Seychelles are among the best in the world.

Roofs of old town

A Short Break in Israel

How many countries in the world offer deserts, vibrant cities, beaches, archaeological and biblical sites - all within such short distances from each other? We reveal why Israel makes for a great short break destination...

A boat on the shore, Tanzania

A Visit to the Spice Islands in Tanzania

The northern coast of Tanzania and the neighbouring Spice Islands are home to some divine beaches that should be destinations in their own right (as opposed to safari trip add-ons). Africa expert Ellie divulges her tips after a recent trip...

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Recipe for Swahili Prawns with Coconut Rice

This recipe for Swahili prawns with coconut rice comes from Original Travels Millie, after her travels along the Kenya coast in Africa...

Great Barrier Reef

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

In need of some inspiration for your honeymoon? We are here to help! Want to know where in the world is best at a particular time of year? Or where you can dine alone on the beach at sunset? Or even where you can be pampered at a spa under the sea? We are here to help you create a completely…

Holidays for Couples in Africa

Luxury holidays in Africa aren't hard to come by - and the continent has many idyllic places to offer for those couples searching for an ultimate bespoke romantic holiday. These are Africa consultant Millie's favourite tailor made trips best suited to couples...

Africa Nature Reserve

10 Reasons to Love Africa Holidays

Aside from being the second largest continent on earth, Africa is also one of the most diverse and beautiful. Here, we show you our 10 Original reasons to love bespoke Africa holidays, and prove that there is so much more to this amazing region than an archetypal safari...

safari family

Best Family Holidays in Africa

Can you imagine anything that could be possibly more exciting when you were a little one than the thought of heading out to Africa on safari?


A Perfect Honeymoon Surprise

Organising the perfect honeymoon for someone who does precisely that for a living was no doubt a daunting thought for my now husband... He liked the idea of it being a surprise for me and I did too (with, I will admit, an element of apprehension!). I was handed the itinerary at the airport…

My Favourite Place: Abu Dhabi

Luxury holidays to Abu Dhabi aren't often an obvious choice, as the country isn't a particularly well known destination. After a recent visit, part of me wants to keep it that way and not let it get too busy - but then I wouldn't want to be selfish…

Zimbabwe: Ten Years On

Once in a life time holidays don't come better than in a safari capacity, and a lot has changed in Zimbabwe over the past decade. Now, find out why it's on the up...

80 Senses #77... Walking safari guides

Guide and comforter. Zambia is the birthplace of the walking safari, the ultimate way to experience Africa's wonderful wildlife.

80 Senses: #46 - Apple Tobacco in Wadi Rum

Oscar winning scenery. Jordan is one of Original Travel's favourite destinations, and there's so, so much more to it than Petra. The 'rose red city' is, of course, an absolute must-see, but running at a close second is the incomparable Wadi Rum.

80 Senses: #45 - Watching wild chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains

The ultimate off-the-beaten-track safari experience, we've located the best place on Earth to watch wild chimpanzees...

80 Senses: #7 - Hot Air Balloon Ride, Kenya

Africa expert Eleanor recommends adding a balloon trip over the Masai Mara to you bucket list - you'll see the Great Rift Valley and game galore from the air.

flower zambia

Wild Walking Safari in Zambia

Luxury holidays to Zambia have never been so appealing, with 2014 being the 50th anniversary of the country's independence, and a handful of exciting new camps opening.

Jammin in Jamaica

It doesn't get much more chilled than a wedding in Jamaica. Original Travel expert Eleanor took a trip to the Caribbean to combine the celebration of a friend's nuptials with pure, unadulterated luxury...

Desert in Oman

Whistlestop weekend in Oman

I had the perfect Big Short Break in Oman...

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