Use it or Lose it

You’d think that given the limited vacation days offered to most of us on an annual basis, we’d make sure to enjoy every last one.

And yet on average, Americans use less than half of their allotted vacation days each year. Seeing as Americans have less vacation days than any other developed nation, this seems ludicrous. You don't have to be a maniacal Marxist to think it's appalling that across the working population that equates to a serious number of free man hours we work for businesses.

There are apparently several reasons why we don't always take our full vacation allowance, with fear of falling behind at work and disorganisation being two. Both understandable, granted, but when we hear that another key reason for not travelling is not knowing where to go, that's disappointing. As a result, it's time to rekindle 'Use it or Lose it' - Original Travel's annual campaign to help you make the most of those (already measly) vacation allowances. As the creators of the Big Short Break, designed around the concept of minimum time and maximum experience, we know where to go and what to do in November and December to use up those pesky few (hopefully) remaining days off.

Keep coming back to the Use it or Lose it page to see what enticing ideas we've added to make the most of those remaining days off. Your boss will thank you for it. Possibly.

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