Travel Less, Travel Better

Welcome to our new concept: ‘Travel Less, Travel Better’. It might seem extremely counter-intuitive for a travel company to advocate travelling less, but the reality is that this is likely to be the case for the next few months.

And to get semantic for a second, we don't necessarily mean staying less, just travelling less, so we're extremely comfortable with a trend we see emerging already, namely to plan longer trips and sabbaticals where you can really get under the skin of a destination. If you can reach that destination by car or train, then so much the better.

How to Travel Better

And on the subject of better, the challenge to 'Travel Better' is one we relish. In fact, helping our clients do just that has been our mission every day since we launched back in 2003. Again, in terms of interpretation, 'better' can mean a number of things. Better might mean only jumping on a plane to go and do the big-ticket bucket list trips of your dreams; or being a better traveller by practicing 'Philantourism' or 'Giving Back' when away. Better can also refer to the process of travel itself; availing yourself of Original Travel's additional services such as fast track and lounge access at the airport (which has never been more important) or challenging our clued-up Concierges to show you a side to a destination only a local would know.

Whichever way you want to interpret the phrase, we're here to help you navigate the new travel landscape, and travel better.

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How To Travel Better

Itinerary Ideas

: Indicates itineraries that can be done entirely, or partially, by train.