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Train travel might not be the first mode of transport that springs to mind when thinking of travelling in Asia - a continent so vast and diverse, you would be forgiven for thinking that flying is the best way to explore the eastern side of the globe. But, much to our delight (and hopefully yours), there are lots of ways to pass through Asia, rather than over it. Home to a maze of crisscrossed tracks that connect some very cool destinations, via some iconic routes, there are plenty of reasons to be shouting about slow travel in Asia.

From engineering mastery and guaranteed jaw-dropping scenery, we have the inside track (sorry, couldn't help it) on some of the best train routes spanning the Eastern side of the globe. We can talk you through everything from the best routes and times, to the best compartments and the most luxurious trains. Plus, bonus points all-round - the carbon emissions are a fraction of those produced from flying.

When making a list for travelling Asia by train, you'll want the terrific tracks through the Tea Hills that link Ella to Kandy, in Sri Lanka, right at the top. The train traverses Sri Lanka's steamy tropical mountains, winding through glossy green hills and manicured tea-terraces, whilst avoiding a long and bumpy car ride. For a touch of luxury why not climb aboard the Eastern and Oriental Express from Bangkok to Singapore. An elegant affair, this train traces its way through Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore complete with fine dining and onboard entertainment; the trip proves that the journey is just as important as the destination. If taking it slow is not your thing, the Japanese bullet trains might be. There might not be so much scenery to be seen, as a multicoloured blur passes by your window, but the convenience and the experience make up for it.

To ensure you make the most of your trip, our team of travel experts can curate a tailor-made luxury itinerary that's full to the brim with tours and experiences that are handpicked for you, so whether you are on a train, between trains, or at your destination, we have got you covered.

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