Family Spring Breaks

By the time Spring Break comes around your kids (and more importantly, you) will be in need of a serious break and as there’s still a while to wait before the long summer vacation, this is the perfect opportunity to go away as a family.

If the thought of planning a family vacation fills you with dread, as trying to find somewhere that has enough for the kids to do and food that they will eat as well as being somewhere you enjoy staying in seems almost impossible. This is where we come in. Between our consultants we've got enough children to form three baseball teams (with enough for some extras on the bench), who range in age from new-borns to teenagers. So when we say we know what we're talking about, we really mean it. Between us we've dealt with the screaming on that first flight, the choruses of 'I'm bored' during the long airport transfers and the grumpy teenagers who never seem to look like they're enjoying themselves; so we know the difficulties that come with travelling as a family, but also how best to overcome them.

Usually around Spring Break it's been a while since the sun has properly shone and everyone is in need of a dose of vitamin D, so we can find you the holiday in the sun that will provide just that. There is also enough time to go a little further afield during this break, perhaps to New Zealand for some adventure; Sri Lanka or India to soak up some culture or to the Maldives or Mauritius for a blissful beach escape as a family. Parts of Europe are beginning to heat up by now as well, where there are plenty of cities to be explored, sandcastles to be built, and seas to be swum in, as well as countless family-friendly hotels and resorts to stay in.

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Popular Spring Break Family Vacations

Family Fun with Original Travel

Planning a successful family holiday takes a similar amount of organisation and fortitude as a small scale military operation. But fear not, our team of specialists (many of whom are parents themselves) are here to take the stress out of the planning process so those toddler tantrums and teenage meltdowns are kept to a minimum.

From knowing the most family-friendly hotels to holding client focus groups, we pride ourselves on making sure that you have the best family holiday imaginable because there's no more important time together.

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