Philantourism in Belize

Home to dense wildlife-filled rainforests, coral-rich seas and ancient Mayan ruins, there is a lot to love about Belize. This eco-conscious country is a frontrunner when it comes to sustainable travel - from its locally-run lodges and protected nature reserves, to its wonderful community-based tourism projects - making it one of our top picks for a philantourism holiday.

In a destination with such great eco-credentials, there are a wealth of responsible activities to dive into during your philantourism holiday in Belize. If it's diving you've been dreaming of, we can pair you up with the best dive operators who will show you the wonders of the world's second-largest barrier reef and teach you about how the country works to protect it.

Inland, the adventures continue. Trek into the wilderness with knowledgeable local guides to discover exotic endemic species and ancient Mayan archeology, visit the many nature preserves and wildlife sanctuaries (tourist spending helps keep them running), and peruse bustling markets to purchase locally-made crafts. Come night, retire to an eco-lodge for a refreshing rainwater shower and delicious dinner with local delicacies.

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