Mid-Winter Break Vacations

By the time the Mid-Winter Break rolls around, Christmas feels like a distant memory and summer is still a long way off, which makes this the perfect time for a family vacation.

So if you've forgotten what the sun looks like and are craving a Vitamin D injection then there's a beach somewhere with your name on it, or if you're looking for an action-packed adventure, we've got some great suggestions up our sleeves too, including the finest family-friendly ski resorts in North America.

We understand that long flights and dramatic time differences may not be an option for such a short break (unless you want the kids going back to school and falling asleep at their desks with jetlag), so we can suggest plenty of options that remove these problems entirely. As there's only a short time to get away during the mid-winter break, we can help you make the most of this time to give your children (and yourselves) a real break.

If your children are the sort who are used to busy days at school and so are bouncing off the walls with boredom when they're at home, do not fear, because we know the hotels with the best Kids Clubs and the ski resorts with the top ski schools where they can be kept busy all day if needed. One of our top picks for sun at this time of year has got to be the Caribbean, with Jamaica as a particular favourite for families, as there are water and land sports galore, as well as plenty to keep parents happy. For skiing, you can't beat Whistler for a short-haul family ski destination, while the Alps are ideal for those willing to travel that bit further.

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