Family Father Christmas in Finland

Those elves drive a hard bargain, but after months of protracted negotiations, we are proud to present this new trip to meet Father Christmas in his remote home territory of Lapland.

Here, far beyond the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, Father Christmas spends the year listening to the wishes of children from all over the world and preparing to grant their wishes at Christmas time - if they have been good.

For a few short weeks in December, when the sun barely rises above the horizon, Father Christmas leaves his mountain because of the mid-winter cold and spends time in some of the local villages. This is the only time of year when it is possible for non-elves to meet him, and adventurous children travel from far and wide to do so.

Once you have made the journey to the frozen north, you are issued with special thermal clothing to keep you snug and warm.

Families have the chance to visit Father Christmas's residence, where the great man himself receives visitors while elves serve hot drinks and ginger biscuits. Near Father Christmas's house there is a large reindeer pen, where you can see some of his reindeers and even drive a reindeer-drawn sledge.

Aside from Father Christmas trips, and although the daylight hours are short at these latitudes, there is still time for all sorts of fun winter activities, such as husky or snowmobile safaris through the snowbound forests. Other activities include snow-shoeing or ice carving and you can also try your luck at ice-fishing on the frozen rivers and lakes. The truly brave - or foolhardy - can even try ice swimming.

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