There’s nothing wrong with a little dose of selfishness now and then, and Me-cations serve up a delicious slice of it. The anthesis of family holidays, where the children’s wants and needs reign supreme, Me-cations are when couples – particularly parents – take their holidays separately from both children and one another so that they can indulge in activities that their other half and offspring are less than thrilled about (think diving, skiing, fishing, brass rubbing, wine-tasting, cycling, riding etc) and go at their own pace, all outside of the restrictive school holiday dates while partner is home to look after the children. What’s not to like, right?

Whether this is your chance to finally take that literary tour of Europe that nobody else in your family seems quite so passionate about; or to simply laze and lounge in Mexico with your closest friends, taking some time out totally dedicated to you is eminently refreshing and rejuvenating. You'll return home with a renewed sense of self, longing to see the family (hopefully) and excited about the next holiday together.

Some of our favourite types of Me-Cations include:

City Breaks

City breaks make excellent Me-cations. Feeling free to shop, linger over long lunches and spend hours in museums and galleries is particularly popular with parents who normally have to hop from place to place to keep everybody else happy.

Walking Holidays

Little legs aren't cut out for marching up hill and down dale (and teenagers tend not to be incline inclined), but for parents, the chance to stride out at their own pace, without the need to cajole and bribe a reluctant party along is, frankly, bliss. The fresh air and headspace are extremely conducive to coming home feeling restored and rejuvenated, too.

Foodie Getaways

Begone chips, chicken nuggets and packets of crisps - foodie-focused getaways are all about the finer things in life. From freshly-shucked oysters and champagne to locally-grown wines and foraged truffles, a trip away without the children means that you swap convenience for pure pleasure, taking as long as you please to savour a degustation dinner with wine pairings, or learning how to cook your own hand-foraged ingredients up into an exotic dish.

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