Honeymoon India

If done properly, it is our opinion that an Indian honeymoon still represents about the most romantic on the planet.

That said, ten years ago an Indian honeymoon was a potentially bad idea. Delhi belly and romance are not the best of bed fellows, and frankly there was too great a risk of illness. Now it's all change - granted, food poisoning is still a possibility, but no more than in many destinations around the world, and the quality of hotels (and consequently the food) has improved immeasurably.

From the soaring Himalayas in the north to the seemingly endless string of white sand beaches in the south, India has something for every honeymoon desire, be it impressive landscapes, outstanding cultural sites, romantic palace hotels, relaxing mountain or coastal retreats and invariably friendly people. There are innumerable experiences that Original Travel's India team can talk you through in the search for the honeymoon itinerary perfectly designed just the way you want it.

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