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Here’s something to consider – New Zealand is an awfully long way away, so you may only go once in a lifetime. As a result, it makes sense to really make the most of it, and that means spending a proper amount of time there. With the journey alone taking 24 hours in both directions, we’re talking an ideal minimum of a fortnight there, if not more.

Still with us? Good. So when do we most often take a fortnight or more's holiday? That's right - on honeymoon. In short, a honeymoon in New Zealand is a brilliant option for a honeymoon destination - there's wildlife, jaw-dropping scenery, sublime food and wines, activities aplenty and wonderful luxury accommodation.

The difficulty comes in choosing which of the plethora of places to visit and activities to enjoy. Given a decent amount of time, it's perfectly possibly to travel the length of the country, starting in Auckland and the beautiful Bay of Islands on North Island before heading south to the lovely wine regions of Hawke's Bay on the east coast, and the beautiful landscapes of Marlborough in the north of South Island. As you head further south you come to Queenstown, the so-called 'adventure capital of the world', where you can burn off the some of the calories from the gastronomic overdose you will almost certainly have enjoyed earlier.

Last but not least, there's a suitably original way to see New Zealand - by luxury camper van. Granted, it might not sound particularly glamorous (or romantic, for that matter), but you can camp overnight virtually anywhere in New Zealand so you have the freedom of the entire country to explore, and that really is romantic. We're not recommending you spend every night on four wheels, mind you, but the odd night spent surrounded by beautiful wilderness scenery interspersed with stays in supremely comfortable lodges makes for a perfect combination. It also makes particular sense for honeymooners on a tighter budget.

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