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Immersion in another country’s culture is not only about sights and sounds, tastes are also a hugely influential allure and important part of a understanding a new destination. That these tastes are often completely delicious is a bit of a bonus. It does rather raise the question as to what foreigners must deduce from the Brits when they sample a full English breakfast or haggis, but let's not dwell on that.

It is a happy coincidence that many of the best places to eat and drink are also among the most beautiful and vibrant places on our planet - proof, surely, of the Spanish proverb that 'a full stomach makes a happy heart'. Modern doctors might not entirely concur with that but sampling South African Sauvignon Blancs while gazing out across the Cape Winelands, or gorging on pinxtos (the Basque version of tapas) in San Sebastian really is hard to beat.

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