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Think of a holiday destination and it's likely that a palm-fringed beach springs to mind, but don't rule out the good old fashioned city break. By definition we're talking short transfers and a perfect distillation of the country in question's cultural highlights in one conveniently accessible destination. Then there are more than likely some seriously slick hotels (both big and boutique), excellent restaurants and top shopping to boot.

So, you might ask, what do Original Travel bring to the party? Well for starters we've been to all our urban destinations, and know them well. Secondly, we have a network of concierges, agents and locals who keep us up to speed on where to eat, drink, party and purchase, all of which information is packaged up into our regularly updated and improved destination dossiers. All this means you can hit the ground running, and avoid that horrible feeling of leaving somewhere thinking you might have missed seeing the site, or visiting the new hot restaurant. Clever, no?

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