Bucket List Sabbaticals

It might be something of a clichéd concept, but the fact remains that – consciously or otherwise – we all have bucket lists. Whether you have your own list scrawled on a piece of paper somewhere, or just have several big ideas floating around in your head, a sabbatical is the perfect opportunity to start ticking things off.

Having trouble narrowing down your seemingly endless list? With a long stretch of sabbatical time ahead you can finally take on those big-ticket items, the do-before-I-die moments, the money can't (usually) buy experiences, the long and leisurely trips that you can never fit in on a regular holiday. They're yours for the taking and ticking off. Read on for a few of our bucket list suggestions from around the world...


Most safari fanatics and wildlife lovers will likely have the Great Wildebeest Migration, which takes places every year in Tanzania and Kenya, on their list, and lucky for you, we know all the best places to see the action. For an alternative bucket-list-worthy adventure, head on a luxury cruise down the Nile and stay aboard the Steam Ship Sudan to re-live the voyage that inspired Agatha Christie's famous novel.


Visiting Japan is often high on many people's bucket lists, and you could easily spend an entire sabbatical exploring the 6,852 islands that make up this fascinating country, with the help of our experts' knowledge of course. Elsewhere in Asia, if you've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, enjoy a sunrise ride over Bagan in Myanmar while admiring the thousands of stupas and temples in the golden morning light.


Perhaps the most famous train in the world, the Orient Express is a pretty incredible way to see some of Europe's highlights. Travel from London to Venice aboard this train while admiring the views, dining on world-class cuisine and sipping champagne in the dining carriage. Seeing the Northern Lights is another classic bucket list experience, and we can arrange trips in search of the Aurora Borealis across Scandinavia and other northerly destinations during winter. The wonderfully wild, natural adventure playground that is Iceland is another bucket list destination in its own right, and one that can be explored in great depth on sabbatical.


Machu Picchu is an iconic site for good reason, and this is one of those experiences where the journey is as special as the destination. For the best version of that journey we always recommend forgoing the more popular Inca Trail for the little-known Lares Trail. Back at sea level, and likely high on any wildlife lovers' bucket lists, are the Galapagos Islands. Travel by boat around these islands to discover the dizzying number of endemic species found here with the help of a local guide.


The snowy home of the South Pole is a once-in-a-lifetime destination and, considering the significant amount of time required to venture into Antarctica, a sabbatical is the perfect time to tackle it. We can arrange your travel by small expedition cruise ship to this magnificent icy destination, navigating along a coastline of stunning fjords while spotting a whole host of wildlife.

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