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There’s a discernible evolution to wildlife holidays. First-time safari-goers are – understandably - interested in seeing the big iconic beasties a country has to offer, but once they’ve seen them and got the wildlife holiday bug, the next time they go, clients tend to become more interested in the smaller, rarer stuff, which almost invariably includes the indigenous (and migratory) birdlife. As luck would have it, our team of wildlife-loving destination experts includes several passionate birders who are on hand to organise tailor-made bird watching holidays, with as much or little emphasis on birding as you like.

We can organise trips where the entire stay revolves around spotting the rarest or most magnificent birdlife in a country or region, all in the company of a specifically expert bird-spotting guide; or weave a one-off bird watching experience into a broader-themed wildlife or cultural trip as intricately as white-browed sparrow-weavers (Plocepasser mahali) build their nests in the acacia trees of Botswana's Okavango Delta.

Speaking of the Okavango Delta, the waterways of this remarkable natural phenomenon are probably the gold standard destination for bird watching holidays, and our expert bird-spotting guides can take your Okavango birdwatching experience to the next level with their knowledge of habitats, migratory patterns and behaviour.

Other classic African bird watching holiday destinations include South Africa and Uganda, while closer to home Latin America gives Africa a run - of flight - for its money. The jewel in the South American bird watching crown is Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, thanks in part to the observations Charles Darwin made there about finches which lead to his theory of evolution. Elsewhere in Latin America the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and the vast wetlands of Brazil's Pantanal region are also prime bird spotting spots.

Asia and Australasia also get in on the act with prime bird watching holiday destinations such as Papua New Guinea (for 38 different species of birds of paradise, famed for their elaborate plumage and courtship dances), Northern India and Japan.

Last but not least, don't rule out Europe, with Spain's Donana National Park and Romania's Danube Delta hosting hordes of migratory species, while the UK is a famous bird watching destination.

The one thread that ties all these diverse destinations together? Our, and our guides, expertise in all things bird watching. Speak to the team to learn more about the wheres, the hows and the whens to arrange the ideal bird watching holidays, and remember that bird watching is a pastime that can unite young and old, so it's an ideal backdrop for a fun 3G (Three Generational) family holiday.

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