Gastronomy in Mexico City

Mexican cuisine was added to the intangible UNESCO World Heritage list back in 2010, therefore it seems only right that whilst exploring the capital city, one should indulge in all manner of Mexican gastronomic delights.

Mexico is the number one exporter of avocado, tomato, mango and papaya, and mounds of this delicious produce can be found at the colourful Mercado de San Juan, which is one of the oldest and most unique markets in the city. A tour of the market is also the perfect start to a cookery class, or street food tour. One of our favourite food tours is an evening Taco and Mezcal tour, where you'll explore the evening dining scene in the city, visiting some of the leading taquerías in the city, gorging on all manner of cheese-slathered taco delights, and washing it down with some artisanal Mezcal, or a Mexican microbrew. This one's for the carnivores.

Mexico is also the very proud (but often forgotten) birthplace of chocolate, and tastings can be enjoyed at Que Bo, one of the most famous 'chocolaterias' in town. Indulge in chocolate bon-bons and truffles, infused with caramel, fruit and flowers, whilst learning about Mexico's cacao legacy between bites. There's something for the grape lovers too, with wine tastings available, and cookery classes which come complete with wine pairings.

And then there's the Tequila, but we'll leave that one to you …

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