Luxury Hotels on Peninsula Papagayo

While the secret might be out about this pristine corner of Costa Rica, this doesn't mean it will suddenly fall victim to over-development, as the government have ensured it will remain unspoiled, by protecting 70% of the land in Peninsula Papagayo. However, lucky for us, there are a select few luxury hotels that have blended right in with the surrounding landscape, such as El Mangroove, whose use of wood inside and out ensures it goes almost unnoticed in the surrounding mangrove forest. That's not where the eco-luxury ends though, as each of our recommendations of places to stay in Peninsula Papagayo bring their own little bit of the surroundings into the hotel (although not so much that you'll find monkeys stealing fruit from your breakfast table). Take a look at our top luxury hotel picks in Peninsula Papagayo for more.

Luxury Hotels in Peninsula Papagayo

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