Did you know that 87% of couples get married just to have an excuse to go on a honeymoon? If that statistic seems high, it's because I just made it up. But that doesn't take away from the fact that your first holiday as newlyweds will be the most important trip you plan together. We understand that here at Original Travel, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure each honeymoon is the holiday of a lifetime. Below are a few small details (from our aptly named brochure, The Detail) which we think make an Original Travel honeymoon extra special.

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#03 Unlimited, hassle-free holiday tailoring

Much like the wedding itself, the honeymoon has to be perfect, and perfection often takes time and tinkering. Our travel experts will be with you every step of the way, taking care of every detail and removing any stress from the holiday planning stage.


#04 Save approximately 50 hours of your time

Our clients save, on average, 50 hours of their precious time when they plan and book their holidays through Original Travel. That's a lot of hours that could be put to better use picking the colour of the serviettes, deciding on the band, or working out where to sit the best man so he's furthest from the open bar.


#06 Our “off the scent” service

It's often been said that to make a marriage work, there can be no secrets. Surprises, on the hand, are perfectly acceptable, especially when that surprise is a part of (or even all of) the honeymoon. With that in mind, you can rely on us to keep your partner off the scent with fake itineraries and other such diversionary tactics, so you can continue your holiday planning, looking forward to the moment when their initial surprise turns to sheer joy.

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#09 Honeymoon gift list service

Do you have enough kitchen appliances to fill a, uh… kitchen? Then make use of the Original Travel honeymoon gift list service, which allows your friends and family to contribute to the overall cost of the honeymoon. We'll create your own website and will be first in line to donate. Better than a toaster any day.

#13 Detailed Dossiers

Of course you don't have time to read up on each and every place you'll visit on your honeymoon, working out where to go and what to see during your limited time there. You're busy learning an intricate routine for your first dance! That's why we've created our Destination Dossiers, a guide to each location boiled down to the unmissable highlights, put together from our own collective experiences and the very latest updates from our network of suppliers who live and work in situ.

#22 Lounge access for long haul honeymooners

All newlyweds flying long haul for their honeymoon receive complimentary lounge access, a space away from the hustle and bustle of the airport. Because why shouldn't the honeymoon start before you get on the plane?

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#23 Things can go wrong

It's true. And while we can't do anything about the rings going missing or the best man finding his way to the open bar before his speech, we can ensure that if anything goes wrong on your honeymoon, we are but a phone call away. We have a duty of care to you and will deal with any situation, from changing plans to getting you home quickly and safely.


#27 Laundry. Sorted.

There's nothing like the daunting task of post-honeymoon laundry to bring you back to the real world with a bump. But at Original Travel we offer honeymooners a free laundry service, which means your laundry is picked up on arrival back home and returned to you, spotless, within 24 hours (this service is only available in London). Think of it as one last wedding gift from us to you.

For more information about Honeymooning with Original Travel, please contact us.