Everybody Loves a List

By Claire
On: 17th September, 2019

Collective Nouns and Where to Find Them

  • Kenya
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • USA
  • Morocco
  • Galapagos Archipelago

'I' definitely does not always come before 'E' except after 'C' (just go to Iceland and see some 'glaciers') and you may want to 'warn' people about your 'worn' jeans (you may even shed a tear over the tear). The English language is full of quirks - words that sound the same but can be…

oman mosque header

By Claire
On: 4th September, 2019

Oh Me, Oh My, Oman: Top 5 Things To Do In Oman

  • Oman

Everyone likes to feel like they're getting value for money, especially when it comes to booking a holiday. Which is where we come in; with our network of suppliers and industry contacts, we're always working to make sure our clients get the biggest bang for their buck. In fact, we've…

By Claire
On: 30th August, 2019

Don't Be An Insta-Sheep...

  • Portugal
  • Canada
  • Indonesia
  • South Africa
  • Kenya

Social media can cause almost anything to become famous overnight (anyone else remember the blue/gold dress saga of 2015?). Home to the weird, the wacky (goat yoga?!) and the wonderful, social media plays a huge part in the trends that creep into our everyday lives. The down side of this is…

By Rebecca L
On: 30th August, 2019

I Fancy A Me-Cation

'It's not you, it's me', is how I first broached the idea of a 'me-cation' to my husband. It's not just that I needed some me-time (although I did), but rather that a friend was going away on a sabbatical to Central America and I had an opportunity to join her in Mexico. There was just the…

canadian rockies film location

By Claire
On: 27th August, 2019

The Most Scenic Film & TV Locations in the World

  • Croatia
  • The Canadian Rockies
  • Egypt
  • New Zealand
  • Tokyo

We love a good binge. There, we said it. Whether it's an overload of baklava brought back from beautiful Greece, or a night of non-stop Netflix, once you start indulging it can be hard to know when to put the breaks on. While a movie marathon may be wonderfully tempting on a wet day, we're…

sri lanka fishermen listing image

By Rebecca L
On: 23rd August, 2019

Philantourism - What It Is & How To Do It

  • Sri Lanka
  • Turkey
  • Nicaragua

[fil-an-too-ri-sem] noun. A mash-up of philanthropy and tourism. The act of choosing a holiday or experience in order to support a destination in need of tourism.

rounding up the herd

By Olivia
On: 14th August, 2019

The Best Places In The World To Channel Your Inner Cowboy

  • The American West
  • Montana and Wyoming
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Australia

Who hasn't, at some point, imagined themselves galloping across a prairie, Clint Eastwood-style, decked-out in leather and a Stetson? Just us? The popularity of ranching holidays would suggest otherwise, as people swap the nine-to-five for a bit of Western wish fulfilment and the chance to…

By Claire
On: 5th August, 2019

Could You Be Suffering From 'Nomophobia'?

Nomophobia (noun); the irrational fear of being without or being unable to use one's mobile phone. If you find yourself constantly smartphone scrolling, or you panic every time your battery level drops below 20%, you might be in need of a digital detox. There are two possible solutions. One,…

toyko on set in asia
Holly in the mountains

By Holly
On: 25th July, 2019

On Set in Asia - Film Locations in Cambodia and Japan

  • Cambodia
  • Japan

How often have you been watching a film and been awestruck by the location? 'Where did they shoot that?', you wonder, and start plotting your own visit. Memorable locations for me included The Grand Canyon in Thelma & Louise (the final scene was actually shot in Utah!), the mountain…

best driving roads in the world

By Emily
On: 23rd July, 2019

An Open Letter to Top Gear: The Best Roads In The World

  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Mexico
  • Slovenia
  • Peru
  • Namibia
  • Zimbabwe

Dear Top Gear producers, we couldn't help but notice you've been to some pretty cool locations over the years, most recently across the mountains and desert plains of Ethiopia (while we're on the subject, kudos to you on the new series, we're big fans). But this got us to thinking of a few…