Havana, Hemingway-style.

Cuban Cigars

The vibrant capital of Cuba is every bit as fun it appears, fuelled by a strict diet of rum, salsa and Cuban cigars. Speaking of the latter, this year saw the disappointing but hopefully temporary closure of Havana's cigar factories to tourists. This was always a highlight of a stay in the capital, but until the situation is resolved, we have a solution.

Expert at work

At the appropriately named Humidor Bar in the Conde de Villanueva hotel you can see a professional cigar roller in action, and marvel at the dexterity that makes a highly skilled process look preposterously easy. The finished product, and the cedar-lines cigar boxes used to store Cuba's finest are two of the most evocative smells around, and the bonus is that - unlike in the cigar factories - for full Hemingway effect you get to spark one up as well, complete with a glass of best Cuban rum.