Dynamic duos: think gin and tonic, French and Saunders, pineapple and pizza… okay, maybe not that last one, but the fact remains that some things are just better together - greater than the sum of their parts and thus elevated to legendary status (definitely not that last one, then). The same principles apply to travel - some destination double acts just work. With that in mind, we got to thinking (always dangerous) about our ultimate cool combos list, the jeans and white t-shirt of the holiday world, if you will. With our own cool combination of insider intel on the latest flight routes and knowledge of where's hot right now (in both senses of the word), we present the following perfect pairings...

Skiing in Whistler

A Winter Wonder: Whistler & Los Cabos

Hurtling down a mountain with two planks strapped to your feet and a couple of sticks in hand sounds vaguely bonkers when you think about it, and yet skiing remains right at the top of many people's yearly holiday priority list. The only issue is that a week of fresh mountain air, long lunches and energetic apres sessions often requires a week to recover from. Well, lucky for you, we've got just the ticket: skiing in one of North America's (if not the world's) best resorts, Whistler, followed by a week of sun, sea and serious relaxation in Mexico's Los Cabos.

Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

An African Adventure: Ethiopia & Tanzania

Epic landscapes, exhilarating wildlife encounters and beautiful beaches turn the braggability factor up to 11 on this African adventure. Prepare to spend a significant amount of time picking your jaw up from the floor while trekking through Ethiopia's mystical Simien Mountains, which are shrouded in primeval forest, jagged spires, huge gorges and vast rock formations. Then it's on to Northern Tanzania for some serious safari game spotting (think lions, leopards, elephants, flamingos and a huge variety of birds), before heading to Pemba of Spice Island fame to enjoy unspoilt beaches and a thoroughly spoiling boutique hotel.

Santorini, Greece

Romance in Santorini & the Amalfi Coast

If romance is the name of your holiday game then combining Santorini's iconic caldera with the clifftops of the Amalfi Coast is guaranteed to score you lifelong brownie points. The picturesque surroundings alone make this cool combo seriously romantic; Santorini is peppered with quaint white-washed houses draped in bright pink bougainvillea while the azure water along the Amalfi Coast is so sparkly and clear it looks photoshopped. Add to that beautiful boutique hotels, excellent food and the odd private boat charter and you're onto a winner.

Whale shark, Australia

Wildlife & Whale Sharks: Borneo & Australia

Wildlife wanderers step this way and combine some of the most majestic beasties from land and sea with a Borneo-Australia combo. Borneo is home to lush jungle, fascinating culture and some of the world's most unique species, like the Bornean orangutan, proboscis monkey and pygmy elephant. Then it's onto the beautiful Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, one of the best places on the planet to snorkel or dive with whale sharks. Stay in the Cape Range National Park and also enjoy guided gorge walks, sea kayaking and fishing excursions.

Mexico City

Opposites Attract: Mexico City & Belize

Aeromexico's recent announcement of a direct route between Mexico City and Belize connects two completely contrasting destinations, making for a seriously cool Latin American combo. Anyone with an iota of interest in history and culture should have Mexico City on their list; built on the site of the ancient Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, it is now a buzzing metropolis which feels all at once hectic and laidback. Belize, meanwhile, majors on the latter and is all about enjoying its beautiful beaches, verdant rainforest and spectacular reef system. And if you haven't managed to max out on culture, Belize is home to some of the finest Mayan ruins in Central America.