Nick Newbury

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By Nick
On: 2nd August, 2018

Five of our Favourite Slow Travel Experiences

  • Mekong Delta
  • The Canadian Rockies
  • Epirus & Meteora
  • Barcelona & Catalonia
  • Laikipia

While in danger of sounding like an overly-cheesy Hollywood film, sometimes it's as much about the journey as it is the destination, especially when said journeys involve stunning scenery gradually unfurling before you while you soak up local life. Oh yes, there's so much to be said for…

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By Nick
On: 28th June, 2016

Brexit: A Word of Reassurance

As CEO of Original Travel I wanted to give our existing and potential clients some peace of mind in these unsettled times.

Hanauma Bay in Hawaii
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By Nick
On: 22nd December, 2015

How to do Hawaii

  • Hawaii

Hawaii is a land of beautiful beaches, looming volcanoes, lush rainforest and chic boutique hotels. So if geography was no barrier, this is how I'd spend a day in the marvellous place that is Hawaii...

Polo sport
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By Nick
On: 14th May, 2015

Polo Around the World

The first weekend of June will see London's most fashionable summer garden party: Polo in the Park, which will almost guarantee you catch the polo bug. So, to coincide with this we, as your travel guardian angels, have compiled our favourite destinations around the world to get your next…

Montenegro island
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By Nick
On: 7th November, 2014

Montenegro: a Destination to Watch for 2015

  • Montenegro
  • Europe

Quickly becoming the next big location that the super-rich are talking about, Montenegro is right at the top of Original Travel's must visit destinations for 2015 with new hotels cropping up left, right and centre. At long last the beautiful country of Montenegro (which has been rather…

currency beach and exchange rate
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By Nick
On: 15th September, 2014

The perils of playing the exchange rate gameā€¦ and other excellent reasons to use a tour operator!

There are so many things to consider throughout the holiday booking process (destination, time of year, hotel, the list is endless), but one thing you might not have thought about is exchange rate fluctuation. It may seem like a dry topic but you could save yourself a small fortune by…

South Africa Kruger Lanner Gorge Safari
Guest blogger

By Guest blogger
On: 23rd June, 2014

Safari Holidays Through Expert Eyes: Kruger National Park & Sabi Sands, South Africa

  • Africa
  • South Africa

The third in a series of blogs where we get the inside track on safaris from the perspective of the guides on the ground. Ross Couper from Singita safari lodges shares his experiences in South Africa's Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands.

Camels Dubai
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By Nick
On: 24th March, 2014

Discovering Dubai

  • Dubai
  • Middle East

After having my reservations about the place - I was pleasantly impressed with what Dubai has to offer.

Oreo Cupcake
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By Nick
On: 9th August, 2013

New York Oreo Cupcake Recipe

  • USA
  • New York

A simple Oreo cupcake recipe with a twist that Original Travels' Pip picked up in New York City!

Turks and Caicos islands beach
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By Nick
On: 4th April, 2013

Waterside Holidays: You'll never have to leave the beach...

  • Belize
  • Cambodia
  • Egypt
  • Malawi
  • Maldives
  • Mozambique
  • New Zealand

From sophisticated Scandinavian design hotels floating in the sea, to barefoot luxury beach-side villas on laidback islands, we know the world's finest luxury waterside holidays...