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On: 2nd January, 2020

Marco 'Solo' - Our Top Solo Travel Destinations for 2020

Sometimes, being selfish isn't such a bad thing, and packing your bags and jetting off on a solo adventure is, arguably, one of those times. Travelling on your own is the best way to do exactly what you want to do; no waiting for someone else, missing out on an activity, or - even worse -…

Ice Cave
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On: 2nd December, 2019

Seriously Scandi: Our Favourite Scandinavian Winter Activities

  • Swedish Lapland
  • Norway
  • Lofoten Islands
  • Iceland
  • Svalbard

Cold, crisp, chilly; the winter wonderland that is the Scandinavian region offers oodles of festive fun and plenty of opportunities to warm up afterwards with a hot chocolate in one hand and Swedish meatballs in the other. The people here are known as the happiest in the world and while…

Uzbekistan Header
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On: 27th November, 2019

Paths Less Travelled: 2020’s Secret Scenes

  • Denmark
  • Uzbekistan
  • Albania
  • Greece

We agree - it is becoming increasingly difficult these days to not be a travel sheep. When we hear friends bleating about amazing places we naturally want to follow their lead and visit too. However, with the growing problem of 'overtourism' and the destruction of some of the world's most…

argan valley listing image
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On: 13th November, 2019

Moroc-go! Off the Beaten Track Highlights of Southern Morocco

  • Morocco

A holiday to Morocco brings to mind reams of exotic images… browsing colourful souqs in the bustling streets of Marrakech, rejuvenating yourself at a Hammam spa, and tucking into a tasty tagine for tea. However, sometimes the most beautiful, romantic spots are found when you head off the…

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By Guest blogger
On: 10th October, 2019

Anthony Sattin - Britain's Leading Egyptophile

From the 30th September to 9th October 2020, Original Travel are hosting a private cruise down the Nile aboard the historic Steam Ship Sudan, with esteemed British Egyptophile Anthony Sattin hosting this epic trip of a lifetime. Anthony will enrich and entertain in equal measure, and there…

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By Guest blogger
On: 31st July, 2019

The Nuances and Complexities of Elephant Riding

  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Sri Lanka

Majestic, intelligent, powerful, gentle, unassuming… who wouldn't love a close encounter with an elephant on their travels? Elephant riding has long been on the bucket lists of tourists travelling to Asia, but with much being reported about its ethical complexities, the demand for this…

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By Guest blogger
On: 30th July, 2019

More Than a 'Fly and Flop' - a Cultural Trip to Tenerife

  • Canary Islands

Forget your preconceptions: Tenerife is much more than just a 'fly and flop' destination. The island, the largest of the Canary Islands, has a rich architectural culture and the fauna found in Teide National Park and north east of the island in the Anaga Mountains makes Tenerife a wonderful…

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By Guest blogger
On: 25th March, 2019

Portugal’s Southern Powerhouses: the Algarve and the Alentejo

  • The Algarve
  • The Alentejo

Home to the oldest bookshop in the world, Portugal sets the scene for you to create your own story with its abundance of possibilities for sun-seekers, sailors, surfers and loafers alike. The Algarve and the Alentejo, both in the south of the country, are two of Original Travel's favourite…

sydney harbour bridge
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By Guest blogger
On: 18th October, 2018

A Whistle-Stop Tour of Sydney

  • Sydney & New South Wales

Iconic, sun-drenched, laidback - Sydney is the cosmopolitan capital of New South Wales and a much-loved destination among Original Travellers. This week the city plays host to our very own Duke and Duchess of Sussex (plus baby bump), which got us thinking about how best to enjoy a crown…

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On: 15th June, 2018

The Auree Jewellery Top Five Destinations and What to Take

  • Mauritius
  • New York
  • Bali
  • Paris
  • Provence

Amelia, Founder of Auree Jewellery reveals her top five destinations and what jewellery to pack.