walking in the jungle, Chiang Mai

By Annie
On: 3rd May, 2018

Walk this Way: Walking Vacations

  • Zambia
  • Vietnam
  • Uganda
  • Sweden
  • Georgia
  • Mexico
  • Greece
  • Chile
  • Argentina

As we at Original Travel often shout about, it's not just about the destination but also how you get there - 'going on a journey' if you will. As it is International Walking Month we've been thinking about how dishy Levinson Wood is... no sorry we meant the simple pleasure of walking, of…

An aerial shot of a running event

By Annie
On: 26th April, 2018

Feeling Sporty? Not to Miss Upcoming Events

  • Venice
  • Kenya
  • Japan
  • Highway One, the California Coast Road Trip
  • Sri Lanka

With the London marathon finishing last weekend, a quick dabble in skeleton bobsledding (just us?) and a new found passion for netball after the Commonwealth Games we at Original Travel HQ are feeling rather sporty. And whilst watching on our telly boxes with a cuppa is always fun, nothing…

Trees in Yosemite National Park

By Abby
On: 3rd April, 2018

Six of the Best: US National Parks

  • USA
  • The American West
  • The Great American Wilderness
  • California
  • Alaska

First introduced by President Ulysses S. Grant, the US National Parks system began with Yellowstone National Park, an Original Travel favourite, and now includes 58 parks which protect approximately 52.2million acres of mountains, forests, and wilderness, not to mention the countless…

vikos george greece

By Molly
On: 1st September, 2017

A Grecian Odyssey Part 1: Epirus and Meteora

  • Greece
  • Epirus & Meteora

"Have you been to Greece before?" My charming guide, George, asked as I trudged after him down a path leading away from Meteora's well-trodden tracks. "Oh yes, some of the Greek Islands!" I exclaimed, and before I could tell him where exactly, he had sighed in a way that signalled it was an…

driving through canadian woods
Image of Jessica Higgs

By Jess
On: 17th August, 2017

Hit The Road: Our Favourite Road Trips

  • South Africa
  • Italy
  • USA
  • New Zealand
  • Iceland
  • Namibia
  • Canada

"It's not the destination, it's the journey" - said every cheesy, road to redemption reality show presenter ever. But they might just be on to something, you know. When the journey involves switch-back turns through epic mountains, cruising along sweeping coastlines or trundling through…

IGO Norway
Image of Tom Barber

By Tom
On: 9th December, 2016

Our Exciting New Partnership with IGO Adventures

  • Norway
  • Morocco
  • USA

Unless you've been living in a cave these past couple of years you'll be aware of the rise of the MAMIL, or Middle Aged Man in Lycra, and his lady wife, MAWIL. The desire to get fit is, of course, entirely admirable, but sartorially speaking no-one has yet managed to style out the lycra…

Swedish Lapland
Image of Jessica Higgs

By Jess
On: 12th September, 2016

A Winter Adventure

  • Swedish Lapland

News has reached us of an opportunity so exciting that we simply couldn't keep it to ourselves. Two of our favourite hotels; Swedish Lapland's ultimate 'glamping' site, Aurora Safari Camp, and the ingenious (and slightly bonkers, which is why we love it so much) Treehotel, still have some…

New Zealand Roads
Image of Jessica Higgs

By Jess
On: 8th July, 2016

Original Travel Does Top Gear: Our Favourite Road Trips

  • USA
  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Canada

Dear Top Gear Producers, we couldn't help but notice that you haven't had much luck in the presenter department in the last year or two. Perhaps it's time for a gear change (see what we did there?) and we are officially throwing our hats in the ring. Here's the pitch: fewer of the…

Image of Jessica Higgs

By Jess
On: 1st April, 2016

A Vote to Float: Brexit Solved

Are you sitting down? Good, because we've got news: we've solved the 'Brexit' issue (cue rapturous applause). No, we're not starting a political party and we haven't temporarily taken leave of our senses; we've decided that Britain should simply uproot and float away. While various…

On: 2nd November, 2015

Iceland & the Elements

  • Iceland

Two days into my trip around Iceland I had a very panicked text from my Mother…. I'd left my enormous thermal duvet jacket at my parents' house and she was having visions of me freezing to death on some barren iceberg. Given that it took two full days for her maternal instincts to kick in,…